HOW WE STARTED           

At the close of 1989, then REBAP National VP Monina Valenzuela broached the idea of forming and sponsoring a Chapter in south Metro Manila.  A convenor’s group of Licensed Real Estate Brokers that included among others, Aurora Suerte, Virginia Santos, Jesus Trinidad, Beatriz Macalinao, Modesta Antiporda, Danilo Santos, Rolando Angeles and lone then unlicensed practitioner, Jose Ogatis  organized themselves informally into what is now known as REBAP (Las Pinas-Alabang-Muntinlupa-Paranaque)LAMP Chapter.  Rolando Angeles became Board Chairman with Danilo Santos as President, positions they held till 1991.  After inducting a large number of members from its first successful CRES-R in 1990, REBAP LAMP was incorporated as a non stock, non-profit organization. Its Articles of Incorporation and By-laws was approved by The Securities and Exchange Commission on December 29, 1992. Subsequently, LAMP was officially recognized as a duly constituted Chapter of The Real Estate Brokers Association of the Phils., Inc. (REBAP) with each member known as a Certified Real Estate Broker (CRB).

The following were the Incorporators.

Rolando Angeles, Modesta Antiporda, Carmita Bantug, Amorsolo Barrientos, Jocelyn Bondoc, Eden Adoremos-Cruz, Constancio Halili Jr., Carlitos Hizon, Beatriz Macalinao, Ailyne Mariano, Jose Ogatis, Karla Quizon, Lorenzo Salvador Jr., Virginia Santos, Danilo Santos and Aurora Suerte.


Through the years, with the able management of each set of Board of Trustees and guidance of the Presidential Advisory Council (all Past Presidents), membership, mostly from successful CRES-R participants, has grown.  Policies as well as operational guidelines, that have been in place, continue to be updated and attuned with current industry trends and practices. Continuing structured business, hands on training and traditional social activities both at the local and national levels have enhanced the professional growth of individual members, specially those who endeavor to actively participate and devote precious time in achieving the goals set by the organization. The culture of transparency, sharing the bounty and blessings have been second nature to members who know fully well that the very existence and survival of the Chapter are in their hands.  These and more have molded LAMP into a closely knit organization of committed, dedicated, competent and capable Real Estate Brokers imbued with a set of values in rendering professional services to clients as well as maintaining harmonious relationship with fellow practitioners following the highest ethical standards for Realty Service Practitioners.

In 2010, we were renamed REBAP LMP.


Danilo Santos ’90-91; Rolando Angeles ’92; Virginia Santos-Miranda ’93; Ailyne Mariano/Angeline Ilan ’94;  Carlitos Hizon ’95; Jocelyn Bondoc ’96; Clodoveo Florendo ’97; Lorenzo Salvador, Jr. ’98; Aurora Suerte ’99; Jose Ogatis 2000; Eden Adoremos-Cruz ’01; Aida Hizon ’02; Ellen Abo ’03; Beatriz Cruz ’04; Catherine Lee ’05; Josefina Magumcia ’06; Marita Aguinaldo ’07; Amor Isip ’08; Rhoneil Mercado ’09; Cynthia Pacis ’10; Jimmy Nacino ’11; Julian Jamora ’12; Solomon Malamion ’13-14; Jimmy Nacino ’15-’16.


We take pride in saying that six of our Presidents have been voted Most Outstanding Chapter Presidents: Roland Angeles (’92), Butch Hizon (’95), Josie Bondoc (’96) the late Pepe Ogatis (‘2000), Aida Hizon (2002) and Sol Malamion (2013) and Most Outstanding Chapter in ’92 (under Roland Angeles); ’96 (under Josie Bondoc); 2002 (under Aida Hizon); and 2013(under Solomon Malamion) . Among our members who have served in the National Board in various capacities are: Danny Santos, Roland Angeles, Butch Hizon,  Solo Barrientos, Charrie Trias, Amor Isip, Eden Adoremos-Cruz, Aida Hizon(Mo5thst Outstanding National Committee Chairman ‘03), Ellen Abo, Betty Macalinao-Cruz, the late Cathy Lee,  Josie Magumcia, Pinky Aguinaldo (chosen Most Outstanding Officer ‘08 ) Ron Mercado, Jay Jamora  and Sol Malamion. 


We have conducted Comprehensive Real Estate Seminars and Reviews where a number of our participants have landed in the Top 10 of the Government Licensure examinations.

Likewise, we have organized and conducted private and public runs of Continuing Professional Education for Licensed Real Estate brokers renewing their licenses as well as for aspiring Salespersons.

We have participated in public hearings particularly in the review of zonal values conducted by the Bureau of Internal Revenue. 

We were appointed the Exclusive Broker by Keys Realty and Development Corporation (a subsidiary of the Knights of Columbus) for their Cartagena I & II Townhouse projects in the South in 1997 and 2005.

With our Unified Accreditation System recognized by DMCI Homes, Inc. we have consistently landed in the circle of the Top 10 Producers from among 500 ELITE Brokers from year 2010 to the present receiving  bonuses of cash and in kind both for our members and our Chapter. At the start of 2014, we have expanded the system by integrating the sales of other REBAP Chapters nationwide making us surpass recent years’ performance by about 30%, as other Developers begin to notice us. We also signed up with LANDCO Corporation and KEYLAND Corporation under the same system.

We have also established good business relationship with the more reputable real property developers in the country.

We hosted several National General Membership Meetings and segments of National Conventions, 3 National Sportsfests (Overall Champion 2010), 2 Bowling Tournaments (Champion 2012). We were 2008 Champion in the 9-Ball Billiards tournament and consistently placed among the top 3 in other sports tournament.

We facilitated the Exclusive National Sponsorship for Banks with BPI Family Bank for 2014-2016.

In 1997-1998, we spearheaded the airing of the Real Estate Brokers Show in SkyCable Television Channel 17 which exclusively featured Properties listed for sale or lease by REBAP members on a 24hour daily basis. This provided an advertising medium and exposure for REBAP never before experienced by any national association of Real Estate Brokers free of charge through the collaboration of our own Butch Hizon with the owners of the Real Estate Brokers Show.

Several members have successfully closed transactions through this medium.



We were voted Best Chapter of REBAP (Large Category). Being the 5th time to be given this award made LMP the 3rd Chapter to be inducted to the prestigious Hall of Fame.

Ron Mercado was elected National President, the first from LMP.

Roland Angeles has been an Accredited CREST/CPD Service Provider & Lecturer by the PRC.

After being Top3 the past few years, we now are Top 2 Annual Awardee from among a large number of DMCI Homes, Inc.’s accredited Brokers.




We are not perfect but we always give our best. We argue over issues and get the best out from each other. We stay together and care for each other. We are grateful to God. Through REBAP, we are what we are today in this our chosen profession. And we are just giving back to REBAP what REBAP has given us.